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Client Features

Features available on the Client side for the end user and the backup administrator:

  • GUI backup setup and schedule.
  • GUI online backup progress and final status.
  • File backup failure - online alert. An open file causes failure, NasBackup will pause for a while allowing the user to close the open file.
  • Option to compress the backup files.
  • Option to encrypt the backup files.
  • Option to backup locked files like Outlook PST by automatically closing the application at backup time.
  • Easy integration of other utilities during the backup procedure like internet dialer, registry backup etc.
  • Allows selection of any folders on local or network-mapped drives at the click of the mouse.
  • Firewall Friendly, Can be configured to use port 80.
  • Fast. Based on Rsync, the fastest incremental file transfer program available, either open source or commercial. Only the differences between files and directories are transferred between local folders and their corresponding remote mirrors.
  • Scalable. Based on Rsync can mirror directories of any size without degradation of performance.
  • No client-side software is needed for restore. Standards protocols are used : http/s, ftp, smb, etc.

Server Features

Features available on the Server side for the Backup administrator:

  • Control of each client's backup files version limit.
  • Control of each client's backup files old versions expiration date.
  • entral daily/periodic summary report via email. Shortcut from the report to the full log of the failed client.

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